Human Resources

Each company is unique, so our solution offers the services of tactical human resources, training and projects to suit the complex strategies of the organisations. We specialise in Direct Hiring to support the organisational needs of meeting stringent deadlines. We also support organisations in HR Consulting, Salary Surveys to bring in market parity for the organisations and also help companies build the Employee Handbook and Policy Manual as per the law of the land.

Direct Hiring

We specialise in Permanent Staffing to support organisations to meet their stringent deadlines of talent hiring. Our teams work effectively keeping in mind the industry dynamics to service the clients efficiently. Our motive is to have a right candidate selection in the stipulated time to ensure the organisation business needs are met. We have an experienced team with subject matter expertise and market intel to execute the assignments creatively. Our teams have an extensive database of candidates in hand and we ensure a stringent pre screening methodology to bring in speed to the entire recruitment process. Our hiring expertise is in the below verticals

  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • ITeS, BPO and KPO
  • Captive Shared Services Centres
  • Finance

Human Resource Consulting

We support organisations analyse the wide range of issues involving their workforce and advise them with appropriate solutioning. Our motive is to ensure that an organisations human capital serves the best interests of the company. We create and develop a human resources model specific to the organizations requirements to ensure that the business is effectively using its personnel to achieve its set goals while also ensuring the workforce is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency.

For start-up firms, we work closely with the IT, Accounts, Sales, Marketing and Finance teams to fully understand the challenges of setting up and assist them with an end to end consulting. We also work towards basic services related to recruiting, hiring, benefits, performance management and training.

Salary Survey

Every organisation is responsible for overseeing employee compensation, compensation databases, job descriptions, benchmark compensation, annual performance reviews, and employee benefits to bring in parity. In order to bring in this parity, we work closely with the organisation teams to understand the administrative tasks, the responsibilities of the roles and the bands and cadres to be mapped that are more strategic in nature. Basis our survey and findings, we create a compensation benchmarking against the said roles and flash a report to the organisation with the industry trends. Our key focus is on the compensation and benefits as they relate to employee performance, company goals, sales incentive plans, and executive bonuses. Our overall responsibility is to suggest an organization a compensation and rewards program. This helps the organisation attract and retain Top Talent. We also ensure that the costs associated with compensation and benefits are in line with the organization’s objectives, culture, and philosophy.

Human Resource Policy Advisory

We assist organisations in creating and developing policy manuals that provides the employees with an access to uniform information in order to assure consistency in the application of the policies. The policy manual is designed to promote an understanding between the employees and their supervisors. It also provides the employees with a review of the Human resources policies, procedures and benefit programs. The policy manual consists of multiple sections that include Recruitment and Hiring, Workplace Guidelines, Benefits Plan, Payroll Administration, Workplace Health and Safety etc. Each section contains relevant policies, contacts and the necessary forms used by the organisation. A Policy Manual is an important guideline required by every organisation to maintain uniformity in its information and helps an employee understand the policies and procedures effectively.